Defaced by Srat

So U Think Killin Arabian Terrorist U Woul`be Happy?
Well Eat My Shit and Stop being Fans Ov War, World Shoulb de in peace, and u fuckers just follow games
Why Are ya so idiot?. Why U Think That the Air Forces the Navy and That all will help ya?
You are just being stupid, cheatin urselves, So, plz stop war, dont follow it. U American Fanatics
The Next Thing will be that u fall in love with ur flag or somethin...

-Grettz to Mathelinux & Troid & Akamaleon
-Greetz to Burbuja Robin and Marcos
-And Absolutely Greetz To LoveWinter for loving me how she love me :P

A Mexican Haxor was here

<0n74<7 M3 4dm1n 47:
Die Uncle Sam Die